The Darkness will once again land on U.S. soil in February, with quirky six-piece Foxy Shazam riding sidecar. There’s a flurry of activity surrounding Foxy Shazam, including the Jan. 24 release of their new album, ‘The Church of Rock and Roll.’ The stars have certainly aligned for the band, as the album release date times perfectly with this high-profile tour. So fans of experimental, forward-thinking rock better get ready to worship at this particular ‘Church.’

The Cleveland-based band, known for its all-over-the-map, progressively metallic, post-whatever approach to making a glorious racket, will follow the opening slot on The Darkness tour with their own headline run in the spring. No rest for the Foxy, who were last seen on Warner Bros. Records and have now partnered with EMI on the recently relaunched I.R.S. Records.

Frontman Eric Nally offered up a short but sweet teaser video, which should let you know what to expect when you are worshipping at the church of rock ‘n’ roll! The clip features the same “character” that adorns the cover of the album. It’s a creepy-good image, thanks to the reflection of the cross on his face, the freckles and that bobbed hairstyle, isn’t it? Like a car crash, we can’t look away. As for the video, it certainly ramps up excitement and makes us want to hear more of the album.

The upcoming tour dates are available here. Foxy Shazam will be on the road with The Darkness from Feb. 1 in Toronto, descending into the U.S. and hitting major markets before wrapping in San Francisco on Feb. 21. The headline dates have yet to be announced.

Watch Foxy Shazam ‘The Church of Rock ‘n’ Roll Teaser’

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