A new survey conducted by Big 7 Travel revealed the sexiest accents in the United States. Last year's annual poll found that the southern states had the sexiest accents. This year was no different. The survey found that the Texas accent was the sexiest.

I can understand. Sometimes that southern drawl is as smooth as butter. To prove that they're totally right, and that Texas definitely deserves to be number one, here are four celebrities with a Texas twang who prove it's the sexiest.

Kelly Clarkson

Let's start with the cutest. Kelly has an amazing singing voice, she was the first ever American Idol winner for a reason. But this Fort Worth native certainly shows her roots when she speaks, most notably, she's not scared of throwing in a "y'all" every now and then.

Sam Elliott

Okay, so Sam Elliott isn't a Texas native. He was actually born in Sacramento. BUT! His parents are from El Paso! From this I can only conclude that his deep, resonant voice is a product of Texas; which is why I dub Elliott an honorary Texan.

Jensen Ackles 

I only recently found out that Jensen Ackles is a Dallas native (and that he is such a good guy!). He's not only got a smooth accent, but also a great singing voice.

Matthew McConaughey 

I'm going to safely assume that Matthew McConaughey is the sole reason Texas is number one in sexiest accents. I can't blame them. He's a perfect example of Texas, and he's super proud of where he's from.

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