Sam Elliott is one of the most beloved actors out there. Now, this Texas town is making sure to let everyone know how much they love him.

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Now, you might be asking yourself "is Sam Elliott from Texas?" I'm glad you asked that; no, no he is not from Texas. Elliot actually was born in Sacramento! Then, when he was 13, his family moved to Oregon. So, then why are we as Texans claiming this Californian?!

Well, as it turns out, Elliott considers himself a Texan! This article on Elliott and things you may not know about him explains:

Sam has always identified as a Texan as both of his parents were born in the Lone Star State (and the family’s roots even dated way back to the Texas Revolution in 1835).

Elliott's parents are actually from El Paso! So it looks like Elliott has a soft spot for the Lone Star state. And now, Texas is giving him a little love back!

Texas muralist, Juan Velazquez, was hired to create the perfect tribute to the Hollywood cowboy and the result is stunning!

I guess there was some confusion as to why Velazquez created a mural of Sam Elliott; many thought the actor died! So Velazquez clarified:

This guy is still alive, someone just hired me to do this mural because they love him.

The mural itself can be seen at 2905 W. Berry St. in Fort Worth, which is currently the location for Jon's Grille; a burger and brisket joint.

You can also see more of Velazquez's art here.

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