Americas military do more than just protect us from enemies abroad.  They do plenty here, including things like this. 

4 soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss stopped at an El Paso 7-11 and interrupted a robbery! They stopped it, ensured the 7-11 clerks safety and captured the robber.  No big deal I guess when you're as well trained and caring as Americas finest and bravest!

Spc. James Cerqua, Pfc. Drew Coursey, Pfc. Troy Johnson and Spc. Sterling Meachamlane were the 4 soldiers involved.  Johnson said:

“I was walking inside and saw a man aggressively waving his arms at Cerqua and the store clerk.” “Once we came inside, I asked him what was going on and tried to calm him down.”

The robber ran but was caught by Cerqua and Johnson.   As they pursued the thief, Coursey says:

“When my battle buddies took off after the guy, Meachamlane and I searched the store for any additional suspects and locked the door, to make sure the clerk was safe.” “We told her to call the police and stood near the door as we waited for the police to arrive.”

Soldiers from Ft. Bliss stop robbery
Photo, Getty Images

This actually happened around mid May and, apparently, neither the media nor Fort Bliss made a big deal about it.  If there truly wasn't a fuss made for these heroes, there should have been.

If there was, it should have been BIGGER!!

Thanks and mad love to these 4 and to everyone who has ever served this great country. No matter which branch, America would be nothing without our Armed Forces peeps.

Abroad or right here at home.