Talk about a milestone! One Texas woman just celebrated her 102nd birthday and her birthday party looks like it was a banger!

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Sue Rummel celebrated her special day surrounded by her friends at Ledgestone Senior Living Community in Austin along with cake and the sweet sound of her favorite, Sinatra!

The senior living facility shared a photo of Rummel at her birthday party celebrating with a nice cold one!

According to CBS Austin, Rummel was born on April 8, 1921! Imagine all the events she has lived through! Rummel tells CBS Austin that she worked as a teacher when she was younger adding that:

Back in those days, you didn’t need a degree to become a teacher.

Rummel then revealed that she did indeed end up going to the University of Texas where she got a degree in dietetics.

Rummel sounds like she's had quite an eventful life as CBS Austin reports that she loved to travel and that one of her favorite inventions was the air conditioner! I don't blame her, growing up in the Texas heat I cannot imagine a time without good ol' air conditioning!

These days, Rummel enjoys playing bridge, reading, watching movies and doing crossword puzzles (sounds like Buzz and Rummel could be crossword puzzle buddies!).

As someone who has worked at a nursing home, I can tell you that any birthday is a milestone, but hitting the triple digits is quite impressive! Rummel sounds like she's having the time of her life as a centenarian, meanwhile I'm over here in my thirties and all I want to do is take a nap! Happy birthday, Sue!

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