Looks like Giants draft pick an former UTEP Miner Will Hernandez has been making quite the impression during camp. Thew New York Giants just wrapped up their minicamp yesterday and its safe to say one of the most talked about players was former UTEP player and 2nd round draft pick Will Hernandez. It's been reported that Hernandez has been getting into a few scuffles during the Giants camp. Back on June 5th, Eli Manning said that Hernandez had already been in 5 fights this offseason and since then it doesn't seem like he's cooled off. Hernandez acknowledged the on-field scuffles earlier this week by saying these things "just happen,"

"The fights just happen and I move on, and I forget about it. The one thing I’ll tell you about the fights is, I love every single one of those guys. They’re my teammates, they’re my brothers. Brothers fight once in a while. We rough each other up a little, but we go back to the locker room and shake hands, make things better, and everything’s cool."

Hernandez went on explaining why he thinks he has been getting into fights,

"I think the reason why I’ve been in a couple of fights, is everyone has the same attitude. That’s just something that we need on this team to be able to win. I’m glad that I can step into a team like that, and fit right in. It’s not like I’m the only guy fighting, those guys are fighting back. I love it. I love that our defense has that, too. We need that. They’re my brothers, I still love them, but we’ll always get after each other to make each other better. That’s the only purpose of those fights, to get each other better."

A fight on Thursday though got scary, after 350 Giants defensive tackle Damon "Snacks" Harrison got into it with Hernandez during minicamp. Punches were thrown and Hernandez's helmet came off during a play and Harrison grabbed it a tried to hit Hernandez on the head with it. Thankfully, he missed his target and Hernandez wasn't injured, but sadly left tackle Nate Solder did hurt his knee though thankfully not seriously. Giants coach Pat Shurmur told the press that he wasn't happy about the fight in the video above. Maybe it's a good idea that the players have a few weeks to cool off before they reconvene in July.

NFL Combine - Day 2
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