There are always rumors and speculation about whether there will ever be a  reunion. That is yet to be determined, but a couple of former members have been jamming together.  and Izzy Stradlin recently recorded a new song.

Last month in a tweet, McKagan said he spent part of his birthday rocking with Stradlin and former Reverend Horton Heat drummer Taz Bentley. Recently, McKagan spoke with Argentina's Vorterix and gave more details.

"[Izzy and I] recorded a song that day," McKagan says. "We were talking on the phone, and he said, 'Let's go record a song.' And we used Josh [Homme] from Queens of the Stone Age's studio; it was open. So we just went it — Izzy and I and Taz — and just had a blast. We recorded a song. I have it. It just got mixed. It's a super kick-ass song. And we just had fun, and we'll probably do it some more." [transcription via Blabbermouth]

McKagan continues, "We've always kind of done [stuff like that], but usually on his records. This was just like this open thing. And I had a riff, and he had an idea, and we recorded it in half a day."

As to whether the song will be on his next album, McKagan says, "Maybe. We're gonna maybe record some more. But we just enjoy making music together and enjoy each other's company. We're allowed to do that."

McKagan also has a book coming out. How to Be a Man (And Other Illusions) is due to be published May 12. It's a how-to guide on what's he's learned in life, from being a dad to being a husband to being in a rock band.

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