First, an earnest plea. Please don't respond to this post by telling me to watch a "documentary" called "Loose Change" because it will "totally leave you with a lot of questions".

I've seen it. It has been completely...thoroughly....and in all other wise...debunked already.

Did you know that there are actually people who are convinced that the horrific events a month ago in Newtown Connecticut were nothing but an elaborate hoax perpetrated by...Obama? The Israelis? The Reptilians?

Some of these holes of ass are even...I'm going to wash my fingers after typing something this vile...harassing some of the Newtown residents who went to the aid and comfort of the victims?!?!?

Austin talk show host Alex "I never met a repugnant theory I didn't like" Jones has even suggested that some of the victims parents are in on the conspiracy!

What the hell is wrong with people?



Did you know that a former El Paso news anchor is one of the darlings of this conspiracy crowd?

I've met Ben Swann. He seems like a nice fellow. And, of course, if you were to ask him he would probably say that he's only "asking questions" and "what's wrong with that?".

For starters, it's hideously offensive to the parents of the slain children. If you think there's some kind of cover-up going on, why don't you drive to Newtown and ask these parents the real reason their children no longer come down to breakfast each morning. You don't think these parents, who have probably thought about little else since December 16th, might have a better idea about what actually transpired than you do in your news room 500 miles away?

Secondly, you may only be "asking questions" but they're stupid questions. Watch the video below. At about the 6:00 mark, Ben Swann asks, "Why don't the police provide proof that there was only one shooter".

What?!? In that case, why don't the police provide proof that it wasn't time-traveling mutant velociraptors that were responsible?? The default hypothesis is that there was only one shooter. The conspiracy hypothesis that there was a cover-up that must've involved hundreds of police, parents, teachers and government officials is the outrageous claim. That's the one you have to prove, you knob!

Here's the video so you can see faulty logic at work for yourself. Oh, one other thing. What I said about "Loose Change"? That goes for "Zeitgeist" too. Keep it to yourself, Sherlock.