When the bees attack! They were trapped in my hair--but thanks to this man with Texas Bee Removal, they never stung! Enjoy! KHOU 11 News

Posted by Jacqueline Crea KHOU on Friday, July 3, 2015

Jacqueline Crea is a news reporter in Houston, Texas with KHOU-TV. Jacqueline used to be the weekend anchor at KTSM-TV here in El Paso before moving on up. It's nice to see her reporting from a bigger market.

While recording a news report, she came under attack by a couple of bees. The bees managed to get in her hair. I have to admit,  Jacqueline stayed a lot calmer than I would have been. Thank goodness a man with Texas Bee Removal was near by to help get the unwanted guest out of her hair.

I read some article online about bees being attracted to certain people. It said, bees were attracted to scents and colors. So, if a person looks or smells like a flower, they are more likely to attract the attention of a bee.

I met Jacqueline once before and she was very sweet to me. I'm glad to see her back on my screen doing the crazy bee hair dance.

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