El Paso's encountered plenty of flash floods over time that hurt different areas around our community.

We all know how El Paso weather can fluctuate from time to time. We can go from having some fun in the sun one day to avoiding the outdoors the next.

Most El Pasoans usually prefer to stay warm, dry, and safe during a flash flood. There was a point when mother nature rolled through El Paso that crafted a temporary waterfall on the Westside.

Of course, this wasn't like any other beautiful waterfall you normally picture in your head. This temporary waterfall you will see in the video above shows dirty water flowing quickly.

One El Pasoan, Jake Salvador made sure to play cameraman and film the craziness happening around his home. There was a flood of water that probably had some locals wishing they could pretend to be white water rafting in it.

In the month of July in 2015, we had endured quite a hail storm that damaged property in the El Paso area. It doesn't help when El Paso experiences a flash flood as a city in the desert.

You can see just how bad the Westside got hit from clips above of the naturally formed waterfall.

Jake Salvador gave you a play-by-play of the hailstorm action going on around his neighborhood.

It is unbelievable what you will witness 11 minutes into the video. Hopefully, mother nature doesn't decide to surprise us at the end of this year with a horrible snowstorm.

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