Click your heels three times and get yourself to your nearest Alamo Drafthouse (Montecillo or East) because one of the greatest family films of all time is making its return to the big screen!

Alamo Drafthouse, both Montecillo and East, will be hosting their first movie party since the pandemic by showing the classic "The Wizard of Oz"! If you've never been to a movie party at Alamo Drafthouse, this is your sign to follow the yellow brick road and go to this Movie Party!

At Alamo Drafthouse's movie parties, they go all out. At this special interactive movie party screening, they'll have magical props to take with you on your way into Emerald City, including ribbon wands, lollipops (Guild-approved, of course), and more. One of my favorite things about their movie parties is that costumes are encouraged; so dust off those ruby slippers or even that great witch costume!

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Alamo Drafthouse does such a great job with their Movie Parties (I got to go to a "Steel Magnolias" movie party) and it's really just a fun time. "The Wizard of Oz" seems like such a great movie to introduce Movie Parties back because it's a timeless classic. "The Wizard of Oz" isn't great because it was an achievement for its time (the color!) it's great because it's a wholly inescapable whirlwind of brilliance. And it's such a great film for the entire family.

You can reserve your seats by clicking here; "The Wizard of Oz" Movie Party will be showing on Tuesday 8/24 at the East side location and on Wednesday 8/25 at the Montecillo location.


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