I don't really remember Magic Landing since I wasn't born yet when it opened and closed when I was only 4. Magic Landing opened on July 4, 1984, and wasn't open very long.

There have been a lot of people who still go out there and visit the location from time to time. For example, Egypt Machine paid a visit to the former Magic Landing location and was surprised with what she saw. When she had gone to the spot with her best friend she managed to snag a few memoirs. She also mentioned how strange it was that the people just packed up everything but left it there. She even shows you the brand new cups that were left behind still packaged. Not only that, people she knew that also visited the former amusement park said there were still tee shirts packaged! The park closed in 1988 due to low attendance and for other tragic reasons as well. Since the park closed, the buildings have stood out where they remain abandoned. There are quite a lot of people who remember visiting Magic Landing and the rides. The Zubiate Group is the main copyright holder of the video you see above.

I wish I could have been able to say I have been to Magic Landing since a lot of people seemed to prefer Magic Landing over Western Playland. Thanks to Braker you can fondly remember Magic Landing and be prepared to be amazed with this footage!

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