The numbers just won't go down. Just this morning there was 1,300 new COVID-19 cases in El Paso, with 18 new virus deaths. This brings the total deaths up to 657. The active number of cases is up to 23,702. Plus the hospitals are filling up beyond capacity. Total COVID-19 hospitalizations in El Paso are up to 1,049, with 311 patients in the ICU. Want all the numbers? JUST CLICK HERE.

To help us out with this ever-increasing number of cases, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) has shipped in 5 trailers to El Paso to help accommodate the spike in COVID-19 related deaths. Apparently the Funeral Service Commission was asked to help make an assessment of the area's funeral homes and mortuaries needs.

And of course, I'll need to wrap up this article by saying basically the same thing I have been saying over and over again. Only we can get these numbers to go down and we do that by following these simple guidelines.

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep you distance
  • Wear a mask

It's that simple. If everyone does that, we'll start to see the numbers go down. I see a lot of arguments about the shutdown that was ordered by County Judge Samaniego. Is it legal? Is it not? Is it necessary? Honestly, it shouldn't be. But apparently getting everyone on the same page is impossible. Too many people aren't taking it seriously and following the guidelines. So those people are the ones who are helping the numbers in El Paso to continue to go up.

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