The tide has certainly shifted on the subject of legalizing marijuana over the past couple of decades here in the United States. Although I did grow up in a very liberal area, it wasn't technically legal, it also wasn't necessarily harshly policed. It was dependent on the situation. I remember walking around Downtown Portland's Saturday Market and people were openly smoking in the streets. Cops would walk by and not give it a second thought. But if they wanted to be a dick about it, they could be. I worked with a guy who got busted for not making child support payments. When the cops searched his car they found a bag of weed and a pipe. They could not have cared less about them. But if were to mouth off, they could take those and use them against him.

Texas has recently legalized CBD and hemp products. While doing this, they have essentially legalized marijuana and THC as well. Here is how those two things are linked. Just by looks, smell, and touch, hemp and marijuana are almost identical. So if a cop wants to bust you for weed, they now have to test that substance for THC level. And most areas in the state of Texas don't have the resources for this test. You hear differing opinions from officials. Some say they are still going to crack down on marijuana, while others realize it's a waste of the states resources.

I understand the argument that's made about not having a valid driving test like a breathalyzer for marijuana yet. That is something that needs to be taken care of, and there are some that are being developed. But to continue to hide behind the "it's a gateway drug" garbage is a fool's errand. As long as people are educated properly, and you have treatment programs, it can be done. Plus legalizing marijuana brings in A TON of money for the state. Just asking ANY of the states that have already done it.

Now, if you want to see where our representatives in the state of Texas stand on the issue of legalizing marijuana, JUST CLICK HERE. That website has taken 5 major points of the 'legalize marijuana' issue and break it down to who is for what.

In case you're wondering, Governor Abbott is the one who legalized CBD here in the stand, but he continues to be adamantly against the legalization of marijuana and THC.

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