The holidays are here and if you're ready to see what neighborhoods have the best light displays we have the perfect map for you to check out. Holiday traditions are back and one of the most beloved traditions is seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights on displays in neighborhoods around El Paso.

There are some neighborhoods that are known for their festive light displays, but there are other neighborhoods where people are proudly displaying their festive holiday decorations. The Nextdoor app is helping people find as many merry and bright home displays as they can with their Cheer map.

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With their feature the "Cheer Map," people can see what houses in your neighborhood have decided to decorate their front lawns and houses with Christmas lights and more. You can put your house on the map if you will be decorating it so people in your neighborhood know to drive or walk over to see your sparkly, holiday handiwork. I love this feature on the website because it makes it easy to see what houses are the "not to miss" houses in your neighborhood. Check out the Nextdoor website to see what houses have Christmas lights this year.

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