We've all done it.  Sent a text we didn't mean to, done a round of drunk texting or even had a "sexting" mishap.  Now, you can do something about it!!

ANSA is a new app that lets you recall any text you want by going "off the record"!  Sure, you can delete any text you send but, only from your phone.  Now you can wipe it off the recipients phone as well!

New app deletes texts from both sending and receiving phones
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

All you have to do with ANSA is hit the "off the record" button and within 60 seconds the evidence of your stupidity, drunkenness and/or horniness is gone!!  Whether it's a text or two or an entire conversation, thanks to "synch deletion", it's outta there!  Even if it's been days, weeks or months since you sent them!

Another click puts you back "on the record" so you can send more messages to try and appease whoever you upset ... or amused ... with your text(s).  Expect other versions of this app to follow.  At last, you can text in complete safety!  Remember though; once your text has been seen, your bud WILL hold it over your head.  Forever.

They won't be able to prove it though!!

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