THAT DAY has finally arrived where you can get your workout in WHILE drinking a cold one. Yes! Finally there is such a thing that is known as 'beer yoga' that has been making it's way around the world.

Nomadic Gear decided to meet up with Brooke the creator of 'Beer Yoga'  in Austin, Texas to talk all about it. You know drinking a cold one relaxes you but what is even more relaxing is drinking that cold one while doing yoga. Brooke started this new trend right in her own living room alone one day. When she had posted a picture of it as a joke, she got amazing feedback and then it flowed from there. She made sure to check before creating it and started a Instagram page that also helped pass the word around. She stated the main places she goes to show 'Beer Yoga' are Austin, Dallas and Denver, Colorado but wants to expand further out.

I bet this type of fitness class would be a major hit in our Sun City!

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