Filter's Richard Patrick has been open about his past issues with sobriety and with the death of Chris Cornell, he has opened up about the singer's role in his eventually helping him on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

In his posting about Cornell's death, Patrick relays a story about his past and how he had met the singer at the same rehab facility while they were both attempting to deal with their issues. The Filter frontman says that while he was initially skeptical of rehab, it was Cornell who convinced him to give the program a shot. His posting can be viewed below:

On September 28, 2002, I was ready to stop drinking so I went to a facility in Malibu to get sober. I was extremely skeptical and as an atheist I did not want to really try. New comers like me always want to s--t-can everything. I woke up to some old guy saying "I hear you're a singer." I said "yes" and he said, "there's some other guy here from a band called gardens of sound or some s--t. You guys might get along." He was talking about Chris Cornell. I took my first baby steps into a program of recovery that lasted all this time with Chris's help. Chris said "I know this s--t feels goofy but it's the only deal in town that seems to work." I wouldn't have gotten it if Chris didn't legitimize the whole thing for me. For 28 days, Chris helped lead the way. You saved my life buddy. I'll never forget you. #chriscornell #gonetoosoon

Patrick has been very vocal about his sobriety and openly spoke out when it appeared as though Scott Weiland was having issues. After Weiland's death in 2015, the singer stated, "Bless you Scott. I will learn from your mistakes. I will be sober because of you.. Your death won’t be in vain.. Whenever I feel the temptation to use I will say too myself…
For Scott, not today."

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