Street Fest 2012 is headed right at us!  Here's a warm up ....... sort of.

On top of massive fireworks shows brought to us by Teachers Federal Credit Union, food and drinks from TONS of different vendors, car shows, multiple stages and everything else we have going on Downtown for you; we're also bringing you Filter!!

Richard Patrick and company come in to party with us on the 29th.  Get your tickets at 7-11/Fina locations in El Paso and Pik Kwiks in Las Cruces.  (The advance price is waaaaay cheaper!!)

In the meantime, how about a warm up? 

A Filter warm up that is!  Back in the pre - Filter days, Richard played guitar in another little band called Nine Inch Nails.  Here's the young Mr. Patrick rocking (errrrr, make that confusing?!?!) some dancers on a show called Dance Party USA back in the late 80's!! 

That's just weird.  See ya' downtown!!