ATM's are nice.  But, when they give you more money than you wanted, they're really nice!

An ATM machine in Houston went crazy yesterday and started giving out $100 bills instead of $20's. As soon as the glitch was detected ... and dutifully reported to one and all via social media ... the crowd started building. A line of cars formed and several fights broke out as peeps went for the free cash. We've all seen the madness cheap TV's bring about on Black Friday so, you can just imagine the apocalyptic scene this caused!

An anonymous tip to a local news channel alerted authorities and when Houston PD showed up, the crowd gathered around the machine pretty much ran for it. According to Star-Telegram, the machine was shut down and the amount of money lost is unknown.

I wonder if the tipster called in before or after making their withdrawal? What would you have done?  Be honest now!!


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