Texans take their football seriously but this one dad might be on the edge of crazy.

I am not too sure how old this kid is but I know it's not old enough to take such enduring training. It does seem that kids these days are being sheltered from the intense situations that come with sports but this is just too much.

Putting your child in Pee Wee football is a great idea to start their training for their future football years but chasing them around the neighborhood in a truck, won't get you a father of the year award.

This father decided to film his child running along side his truck as he yells his version of motivational wisdom. He even asks the child what team he wanted to play for, Cowboys or Texans. Yeah, not the best choices right now but at least he wants his kid to stay in Texas!

Check out this guy's football training technique. I bet his child is running just to get away from him. Would you do this to your child?