A great big space thingy is headed for Earth at about 5 miles per second.  And if that thing hits my bike, I'm kicking somebodys ass. NASA still can't figure out exactly when this things going to hit.  Or where.  I'm not sure they even know exactly why at this point.  But, fear not!  They say 1) the odds of it hitting a populated area are slim and 2) that they will give us fair warning.

Problem is, the window of that warning varies between 2 hours and 20 minutes depending on who you ask.  Keep your pads and helmets handy!  NASA is not filling me with confidence here.  Neither they .. nor the rest of the world for that matter .. seem to be taking the issue of falling space crap very seriously.  When Skylab fell (crashed, committed satell-icide, whatever) in 1979 they said the same thing. Don't worry, it won't hit anything.

Then it smacked into a town in Western Australia. 

Only enough negligence there to warrant a paltry $400 fine!?!?  (If any of your things get squashed, don't even figure on $400.  NASA still hasn't paid THAT fine!)

I'm serious!  read the whole artice here from yahoo.com

For right now, just chill!  Take it easy ... as long as you're sure you can get yourself, your family, pets and motorcycles under something pretty damn sturdy in less than 20 minutes!

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