Apparently they think this is a great idea. 

Fall Out Boy has a new album coming out April 15th & 16th, Save Rock & Roll. Bassist, Pete Wentz asked fans:

"Guess what blonde hair singer we got on the record?"

Some may have thought ex-wife Ashlee Simpson (though she might be a little drunk now) as others were praying it wasn't Taylor Swift. The 'blonde-hair' singer Wentz was referring to was ... (you ready) ... Courtney Love.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

That's right, Love will be featured on Fall Out Boys new album and help them "Save Rock & Roll". Album is also going to feature music legend Elton John.

Fall Out Boy will soon be embarking on a major tour in support of their new record.

I leave you with this 6-second video tweeted by Wentz on Thursday when confirming Love's involvement in "Save Rock & Roll". (NSFW)