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This could be the beginning of a new series: "Stupid Crap I Find On The Internet that's probably BS".

No ... ahem ... "fake rice" has been reported in the U.S. but, it's supposedly popping up in other countries. Looking into this, I found reports on fake foods going back almost a decade! Pretty doubtful that this will be an issue here in America (if anywhere) but, if you're the paranoid type, there are a couple of simple tests to make sure your rice is good.

  • Pour the rice into water before cooking and stir it around a little. Real rice will sink and the fake stuff floats.
  • Or, cook a small sample of your rice and then let it sit for a  few days. If it starts to mold, it's real.

The Chinese black market is reportedly behind this and, allegedly, also makes fake eggs, ginseng, green peas and more. That's what the internet says anyway and, if it's online, it must be true. Right?