You probably have wondered why certain ads pop up on your Facebook profile. I know I have a couple of friends that freak out when they see baby ads starting to pop up along their news feed. They believe Facebook has powers to predict the future or something and it makes them really uncomfortable.

Anyway, now you can check what weird things Facebook things you are into due to the ad preference section of your Facebook page. I don't agree with the list Facebook has made for me because I don't even look at cars and Cadillac is at the top of my list. The cat litter maybe...but I don't have any cats that use cat litter!


The stalker people/computers at Facebook say they create these lists based off of "information from your profile as well as actions you take on and off Facebook." I do not look at cats enough on the internet to have two searches based off cat litter.

But that's what makes checking your Ad Preference list so fun, it doesn't actually match what you're into, at least that's what other Facebook Users have said. I know dogs and cars are something I am not excited about. It should have cosplay, cupcakes and horror somewhere in there!

If you want to check the weird list Facebook has created based off your every move on the internet, feel free to right here.