Well, if you did, there's a new chart that tells you when and how!

Ok, depending on who and where you are, here's my guess. If you're a young person here in El Paso, and you died today, it would probably be due to an accident or a crime. A middle-aged person would probably be looking at an accident or disease and an old person would probably die from heart or organ failure.

Now, since some peeps have way too much time on their hands, there's an interactive chart to take all the speculation away. Guess what? I was pretty much right.

The chart was designed by Statistician Nathan Yau, who says:

if you do die at a younger age, it’s much more likely due to something external rather than a disease.

Shift age to the older years, and let the simulations run. You’re much more likely to die of a disease rather than something external. Shift past 80 years, and it’s over 40 percent chance the cause will be circulatory

If you're wondering what you're up against, run your info here.

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