One of El Paso's coolest and oldest neighborhoods!! 

Kern Place, located on El Paso's Westside, near UTEP, is a very old section of town. Peter Kern first bought the land in 1886. (He named it after himself. Madeline Park was named for his daughter and the streets in Kern Place were all named for his friends and favorite places.) The first paved road, connecting Kern Place to Mesa Street, came in 1913 and 1914 is when construction began. (Wikipedia)

It's a neat place to visit to check out the cool architecture of the homes and/or just chill at Madeline Park. It's also one of El Paso's most desirable neighborhoods to live in due in part to the beauty of the homes, the relative quietness of the area and it's easy access to shopping, businesses, and entertainment.

Watch the video to learn more about Peter Kern and to take a super quick video tour!

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