You ever been this messed up? I'm not sure exactly what is going on here. Is this chick just acting like she is asleep? Or is she really that out of it? I'm going to believe she's this out of it. She's spent the past year just waiting to get out of the house again and when she finally did, she went WAY overboard. No idea if that's even remotely true, but I'm sticking with that story.

Seriously, I've had some nights that are pretty foggy but I'm not sure I've ever been this bad. I have been at parties where people have been this bad though. Story time!!

I was visiting some friends at the Oregon State campus many moons ago. There was a kid there that I'm not 100% sure anyone knew. We knew his friends he showed up with, but they bailed on him and he just continued to chill on the couch and drink... a lot. It got to the point this kid takes a shot of something, while calling everyone at the party p****s. He takes the shot, pauses, and BAM, starts puking all down his front. Yup. Gross.

At this point, he essentially passed out and as the party came to an end, we needed to figure out how to get him back to his friends. Some of us geniuses decided it would be easy for us to put him in a sheet so three of us could lift him out of the apartment to the truck to go drop him off. That didn't go well. We did eventually get him back to the frat house where his friends were though. At least, we got him to the doorstep.

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