Evanescence performed on ‘Conan’ last night (Feb. 2), with ‘Made of Stone’ making it to the live broadcast, while ‘The Other Side’ was reserved for an exclusive, web-only clip. We have them both, so you can watch and enjoy in case you missed it!

‘Made of Stone’ is a certainly a heavier song for TV, yet it came across powerfully but never overwhelming, especially with Amy Lee front and center in her black dress and red plaid belt/wrap. She looked ever the rock goddess, with her voice as strong as it’s always been. With all the performances and promotion she’s been doing in support of ‘Evanescence,’ you’d think her voice would take a beating, but it’s getting stronger as she works it out with lots and lots of performing.

The dark stage also fit the tone of the song. While some rock bands don’t exactly translate on late night TV, Evanescence come alive on this stage. We half-expected Conan to launch a moshpit.

The web-only performance of ‘The Other Side’ is raging enough to have you moshing in your bedroom, in front of your monitor. Be careful.

Watch Evanescence Perform ‘Made of Stone’

Watch Evanescence Perform ‘The Other Side’

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