We all go through difficult times in our lives that have us feeling like we need to escape. Whether you had a rough week at work, or you just want some peace and quiet, there is yet another special place.

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This other special place doesn't require you to leave Texas either. Now when most people try and picture a peaceful place it usually involves nature.

There are just as many people who prefer to camp out in nature the modern way. If you're wondering what the modern way is, it is staying in a tiny hut surrounded by nature.

So you can spare your patience and just leave the hard work of setting up camp aside. Instead, you just need to pack a bag of clothes, and necessities, that's it.

So no need to worry about having to pack a tent and hassle setting it up later. But instead, just head out on your journey to Udoscape.

If you have ever wanted to feel secluded, this spot will do the trick. If you check out Your Travel Bestie's YouTube video below, you can see the different surroundings.

But the sight of the Udoscape looks magnificent for the perfect getaway. Plus, about a few minutes into the video at 3:15, it shows a big beautiful open sky.

Also, the sunrise view is amazing especially when you're above the trees. So if you have been looking for another peaceful spot to visit, Lago Vista, Texas is it.

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