Erin's bar was known for singing karaoke, playing games, and enjoying while enjoying your company. Erin's Bar is coming back from the dead and has changed their appearance. A lot of former regulars are very excited about the news and counting down the days for the opening. I remember every single memory I made there at Erin's after hitting the legal age. It is the place I was fortunate to meet friends I still keep in touch with that are no longer in El Paso. It was also the hangout spot most would sing their heart out at for karaoke. My closest friends including me and I'm sure you as well shared a lot of memories there. I am sure you're also just as excited to attend the re-opening soon. As you can tell from the looks of the outside shows you can also expect change on the inside. There is currently a slight delay on construction but plan on opening soon. Leave your two cents below if you're attending or opting out below in the poll!

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