As a life long El Pasoan, I know that despite there being a few people who aren't friendly- there's an entire slew of really good people here in EP. So much so that when out of towners say they've been to El Paso, or used to live here, they definitely remember the kindness of El Pasoans.

When I saw this video on TikTok, I immediately recognized that it was El Paso. Not just because of the busy intersection, but also, because catching a random act of kindness is definitely an El Paso thing.

Everything about this makes my little El Paso heart happy.

I know there's plenty of you out there who may have been in this situation before. The intersection of Rich Beem and Zaragoza is definitely one of the busiest and having your truck stall like that can definitely be anxiety inducing.

In true El Paso fashion, it's not out of the ordinary to see someone having to push their truck in the midst of traffic hour- it's also definitely not out of the ordinary to have others jump in to help; it's an El Paso thing! It's also a great example of women helping women! What a badass!

During this time of the pandemic, it's definitely encouraging to see that El Pasoans can still count on each other. It's been a long, rough pandemic for many in El Paso and I'm sure that at that moment, the owner of the truck was grateful and relieved that someone stepped in to help! This is how we stay El Paso Strong!

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