There is an El Paso native that teaches in Las Vegas and allowed his 5th graders to do the unthinkable. John Davila thought he would send off his 5th-grade class in a unique way. His 5th graders will be able to say they've tagged a car before and didn't serve time for it.

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The truck has a black matte coating and all sorts of colorful chalk designs and phrases drawn all over. John Davila is the owner of the black truck and allowed his 5th-grade class to do what every parent would scold for. John Davila happily provided his own personal transportation to be part of a tagging project.

Now, most adults would not allow something like this to occur, ever. But for John Davila, he just wanted to give his class a gift that no one would EVER be allowed to do in life. But it certainly is nice to see an El Paso tradition now being a part of the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas.

John Davila's fiancee Belen Castillo has been a part of the low rider scene in El Paso over the years. Belen shared that their friends Marcos and Karel started the first chalkboard low rider here in El Paso years ago. So Belen and John thought they would use the same idea for his class in Las Vegas. But John Davila is doing something only extraordinary teachers do. He will personally drive to each student who's still virtual learning so they too can design his truck.

But John Davila was happy with the final result his truck was left with from his class. After looking at the final product you can visibly see the students had a lot of fun tagging the truck with their trademark. You can see some of the masterpieces John will be driving around with from his former 5th-grade students.

Low Rider Chalkboard Truck

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