Foodies of El Paso have come across an interesting recipe and they cannot hold in their thoughts.

The popular Foodies of El Paso page shared a recipe for a "Crunchy Tortilla Taco Ring". The recipe comes from The Shaba Kitchen. It sounds interesting; it involves a Bundt pan and a whole lotta tortillas! Check out the recipe below:

It seems simple enough, right?

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I won't like, if it tastes good, I would probably eat that, but I do have a few question. Number one, why use so many tortillas?! I know for sure my mom, and many other moms out there would be mad if you wasted that many tortillas on one thing!

I wasn't the only one who was a bit dubious, my fellow foodies also had concerns. Some couldn't tell if this was suppose to be a joke:

Are you posting this as a joke?

And some could not hold back their critique of the recipe:

Chips are gonna be chewy. Tortillas will be hard af. Too much cheap cheese. Fucked up the salsa trying to make it pretty. This is dumb af.

And some of us still can't get over how many tortillas were used!

Just when you thought it was enough tortillas….BAM. More tortillas.

And some foodies thought that there had to be a different, and much more easier, way of making this!

All in all, I think we can all agree- the idea is there but the execution could use some help! Let us know what you would do to improve this taco ring? The only taco ring I know is this one.


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