What would you do with a bunch of free ______________??

Free gas, free food, free entertainment ... we've got a lot of FREE going on at KLAQ.com!  Vote now for your favorite prize with our "Stimulus Sweepstakes" at KLAQ.com!  (Look up on the "What's Hot" bar!)

I'd go for the $50 in free gas every week for a year that Viva Auto Group are offering.  $50 is about 5 tankfulls for my Harley.  I could ride all over the place with that!  Maybe jump off 25 to 152 and into Hillsboro.  Then, over the mountain into Silver City.

The next week, I could roll to Carlsbad and wander through the caverns.

The next week, who knows!?!?

At the least, my commute back n forth to work would be free every week!  THAT would totally rock!!

Which would you vote for?  The gas, the food, the I-pad?  Whichever, enter now at KLAQ.com!