There is so much history behind our huge star that lights up a part of our mountain at night. Jake Alexander Bryant introduced us to some knowledge about the El Paso star on the mountain in the video above. He had gotten some things to learn and remember about the star on camera. A few local men shared some of their knowledge about El Paso's star on camera. One particular topic I was taken back by was the statement about the star being lit just on Christmas. If you compare then and now, you remember the star didn't always shine so bright as often as it does now. Some El Pasoan's remember the El Paso star being turned on just for the Christmas holiday. A lot of people including some family members of mine always talk about how times have changed.

Normally the famous topic that comes up is how the star doesn't just represent Christmas anymore. Now the star represents so much more and is lit to honor someone or something for a special occasion. Some locals miss the star only being turned on during Christmas while others like it how it is now. In my opinion, I love to see the star shining bright as often as I can. I prefer how they have been lighting the star so often now then how it was in the past. I would like to know if you feel the same as I do about the star. So, if you are either with or against me, place your vote in the poll below.

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