Christmas fans in the city of the 915 listen up. The Thanksgiving holiday isn't getting the respect it deserves.  It might come as a shocker to some Christmas fanatics out there, but some people enjoy Thanksgiving more. It's me, I enjoy Thanksgiving more. AFter Halloween, it seems like most Christmas fans immediately get in the spirit of putting up their tree, all the garland, and decorations they have, and start blasting those holiday tunes. This is Mariah Carey's time to shine. But for me, my favorite holiday is actually Thanksgiving.

Both holidays are for families to gather and spend time together, but Thanksgiving just has a different vibe. The holiday is really about a big meal and quality time with others. That's it. No presents you have to buy your family, friends, significant others, and co-workers. No stress of rushing out to get your holiday shopping done. Just buying the elements for the dinner and if you're hosting, you can even have other people bring items so it'll lessen the load on your household.

And I love how the holiday has brought together so many friends. Friendsgiving are the best, and I love getting together as a big group with all my friends to laugh and enjoy a delicious meal. I've been fortunate enough to have various friends hosting Friendsgivings before so I'm able to enjoy delicious Thanksgiving food several times around the holiday.

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And Thanksgiving is a quick holiday, so people come into town, you catch up, and then they leave by the end of the weekend. I've also noticed for Christmas, some families like to take a holiday trip and may not be in town for the special day. With Thanksgiving, it seems people are more inclined to spend the holiday with family at home, that's why Black Wednesday is such a big night for bars. The night before Thanksgiving got the nickname of Black Wednesday because of how much money is spent on that evening, across the country. People are so excited to be back home and catching up with longtime friends, it's infectious.

So give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves and put up a cornucopia or some harvest gourds because Thanksgiving decorations are just as important as your Christmas tree.

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