You wouldn't think a blog like this would be necessary but, many around the Borderland are unaware that grabbing someone else's nuts is a serious crime.

If you do it without their permission that is.  Pecans grow really well around here and it's easy to grab a few at random in passing. It's also illegal.  (Not to mention dangerous. Years ago a good friend of mine took a shotgun blast of rock salt right in the nalgas snatching pecans.) Seems trivial but, this is taken SUPER seriously as pecan theft:

results in an estimated loss to our local economy of about $1.5 million per year.” - EP Herald Post

Obviously, going on to private property and taking pecans ... or anything else ... is illegal.  Even grabbing pecans that have fallen on to a public area is illegal though and this year, police are paying extra attention to pecan picker-uppers.  Whether it's a few nuts or a few bagfuls, they'll bust you!  Long story short, if the owner didn't give you permission to take pecans, don't take pecans.

If he did give you permission, bring me some too!

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