El Paso is finally getting my dream cafe. A cat cafe called Sun City Kitty.

Purrfect name, in my opinion.

This cat cafe will be inside the Sunland Park Mall, but no opening date has been given yet.

For now, they are looking for some artistic El Pasoans to help decorate the cafe. Sun City Kitty is asking people to submit their cat art to help decorate their cafe. This contest is to not only add some local touches to the cafe but to have some fun before the event. This is a perfect opportunity to get your family and friends together to create some awesome cat-themed art.

Some rules so far that are mentioned in the comment section of the cafe's Facebook page are only one entry per person and no digital entries. These entries must be physical so you can only enter by dropping them off at The Maker's Mark Collaborative in Sunland Park Mall. This contest is open to entries until March 25th at 5 p.m.

Prizes for Your Cat Creation

The prize for being chosen for this contest will include a free drink and first choice in cuddles! Not that is a prize for true cat lovers. Those who enter should honestly just be happy to get some love from cats. That is the greatest prize of all.

Sun City Kitty's Welcome to the Area

As Monika shared the news of Sun City Kitty coming to Sunland Park Mall, many El Pasoans also shared the news on social media. Pawsitive feedback was shared all around. See what I did there? This is going to be a fun, new way to help save cats' lives and find them their furever homes. Oh, see what I did again?

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