Today is known worldwide as Blue Monday- the most depressing day of the year. Here's why and how you can be prepared for it. It might be MLK Day, but that's not the only holiday you need to be prepared for today. If you woke up this morning feeling a bit down, there's a reason why. The third Monday of January is known as "Blue Monday," the saddest day of the year.

Blue Monday was created by U.K. psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall using a formula that looks at seven different variables to find the saddest day of the year, per NBC News:

  • weather
  • debt
  • monthly salary
  • time since Christmas
  • time since failed quit attempt
  • low motivational levels
  • need to take action

The weather is frigid in January, you might have noticed this morning after all the high winds yesterday the temperature dropped several degrees and will continue to go down this week. There is also plenty of snow and rain in many areas of the Northern Hemisphere this time of year. It's been two weeks since the New Year's holiday and many people have already decided to give up on their resolutions for 2023. Add on top of that the fading of the Christmas holiday glow and all the bills are starting to come in. It's easy to why people start to feel more depressed around this time of year.

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While there is no scientific reasoning behind the idea of Blue Monday, many people do believe it's real, which shocked the man who initially came up with the idea, Dr. Arnall. Dr. Arnall told CNN:

"I had no idea it would gain the popularity that it has. I guess a lot of people recognize it in themselves."

Now that you know the concept behind Blue Monday, you can start working against getting that over the holidays slump. Read more about Blue Monday on the CNN website.

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