One El Pasoan made interesting use of his downtime during the pandemic, he built himself a tank.

Don't worry, it's for charity, not war.

Veteran Darrell Mond found himself with a lot of free time recently and rather than binge-watching Netflix shows like the rest of us, he decided to build himself a tank.

His organization, the El Paso Veterans and Riders Association, does a lot to help area veterans and that is what the ultimate purpose of the tank is.

To be used for morale-boosting and fundraising efforts for veterans and various veterans causes.

The Tank is built on a Sears Lawn Garden Tractor donated by LTC (R) Robert E. Chisolm who is also one of the most highly decorated Veterans in El Paso.

It has a clam style opening to enter, exit, and do maintenance. It is also armed with an extremely lethal spud gun. (For those not in the know about "spud guns", click here.)

Darrell told me that they built it to help boost the morale of our Veterans and the community. He added that it was secretly constructed in his garage, away from the prying eyes of shady foreign governments.

I've known Darrell for a while now and this is another great example of why it's generally not a good idea to leave him with a lot of free time.

You can check out the tank yourself while it's on display at Barnett Harley Davidson, 8272 Gateway East. A few upgrades will be made while it's there ... probably enlarging the beer cooler they built into it ... and it will officially be put into service sometime in January.

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