Normally you are used to seeing someone give a shout out to relatives on wholesome shows but not this time around! One El Pasoan realized he was on featured on Live PD and took his opportunity to give a special shout-out.

A&E has been Live PD for a long while now and has featured El Paso quite often. Recently this dude was arrested for suspicion of DUI and went out with a bang..somewhat. He could have possibly gotten off the hook if he would have just listened to the police officers. The officers pulled the man over for driving the wrong way on the road. From the beginning, you can tell this man was going to get himself into trouble. The dude under arrest clearly had no shame when he tried giving out his personal information which got bleeped out. I think if I landed a role on Live PD I would sure as hell want to keep my identity private. This man could have been given a break if he would have just listened to the cops instructions.

But at least he got to give his family a shout out on a show you wouldn't want a shout out from!

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