The El Paso Zoo is getting a new male African lion from Colorado just in time for Valentine's day, which is good news for El Paso's TWO lady lions.
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According to a press release from the city of El Paso, two lionesses already living at the El Paso Zoo will be getting a new companion who is one stud of a lion; named Hodari, he grew up in Colorado, but will now be an El Paso fixture at the El Paso Zoo. Per the El Paso Zoo's press release,

The El Paso Zoo & Botanical Gardens is excited to welcome Hodari, a 4-yearold male African lion. Hodari was born October 25, 2017, at the Pueblo Zoo in Pueblo, Colorado. He arrived in El Paso on November 8 and has since been behind the scenes for the regular 30-day quarantine, getting to know his new exhibit and bonding with his companions and keepers. Keepers learned quickly that Hodari is a well-mannered lion who is responsive to his caretakers.

As part of a new breeding program to stimulate the growth of the African lion population, THIS African lion will be essential to keeping these cats around.

The World Wildlife Foundation says the number of African Lions in the wild is RAPIDLY on the decline, across the globe. Breeding programs, such as the one that Hodari is a part of, are conducted everywhere in the world in order to maintain endangered animal numbers.

Hodari will be joining a "throuple" of two lionesses, but getting lucky isn't guaranteed. Reports indicate that one of the lionesses is smitten with Hodari but the other lioness has her reservations.

Still, it's pretty awesome El Paso has the claim to several kings/ queens of the jungle.

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