The El Paso Zoo is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has been hit especially hard due to the coronavirus pandemic. The zoo has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic with no word on when the 35 acres would finally welcome back animal lovers.

Finally this week the El Paso Zoo announced they would be reopening on February 10th for visitors, but that doesn't mean they will discontinue having virtual events. For people who still aren't comfortable venturing out, the zoo has an idea to enjoy the holiday with your sweetie at home with some sweets.

The El Paso Zoo Society is hosting the 2nd annual virtual event "The Birds and the Bees: Love Bites!" According to the press release, the event will discuss the "unique courtship in certain bird species, and how honeybees go hand in hand with craft beer."

The event will also have some sweets and drinks involved for the ticket price. The El Paso Zoo has teamed up with Tin Man to include a Growler gift set (64-ounce growler and 2 pint glasses) as well as a free fill of a signature craft beer that ties in with the event from any of Tin Man's 6 locations.

Also included is a beautiful bag of chocolates exclusively designed for the event. You can enjoy your chocolates and pour a pint while you watch a video documentary that comes with your ticket price. You can view the documentary in the comfort of your own home anytime between February 11th through February 14th.

Find out more information about the El Paso Zoo's reopening on our website and on the El Paso Zoo's website.

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