Taco Lovers Rejoice! A new taco king has been crowned after the Tacos & Salsa Challenge at 5 Points Bistro. On July 3rd, competitors sat down to take on tons of tacos and salsa, in order to win prizes, a cool taco trophy and bragging rights. It was a hard fought battle as both men and women from different parts of El Paso attempted to win the whole enchilada.

That is just a phrase. No enchiladas were involved in this contest. Only tons and tons of tacos and salsa that looked pretty delicious. As you can see in the video, they tried their hardest to scarf down as many tacos and salsa orders as they could in 10 minutes. But, there could be only one.  Hector Munoz, dubbed 'Tacosquatch" by Dubba G, was "the one". (18 tacos in 10 minutes, if you care.)

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this event and everyone who attended the challenge, along with 5 Points Bistro for hosting it!

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