One El Paso woman was able to share her amazing weight loss journey with a very special celebrity and I am HERE FOR IT!!!

Just last week El Pasoan Jessica Cantu was an audience member for the Drew Barrymore show. To her surprise, her name was called out during the show by none other than Drew Barrymore herself! *BRB FAN GIRLING!*

Jessica shared the inspirational video on her Instagram page with the caption reading, “Here it is!!! Thank you @drewbarrymore”

In another video shared on Fit Fam of El Paso, Drew casually calls out for Jessica in the audience and allows her to share her inspiring story with the audience.

Jessica explains that she was working two jobs for 3 years, emptied her savings account, and took out a loan in order to get her gastric sleeve surgery. Since the surgery, Jessica has lost 115 pounds!

After Jessica shared her story, Drew surprised her with a gift worth over $2,500!

“You’re an inspiration and to keep up with the momentum and to add to your routine we are going to give you the new Hydrow Rower Exercise machine plus a year-long access membership,” said Drew.

Hydrow Rowers are the latest exercise machines that are smooth, rhythmic, easy on the joints, and even promote bone density. According to their website, you get a better workout in half the time compared to cycling and running when you use a Rower.

According to Jessica’s Instagram page, not only is she celebrating her weight loss journey but she JUST turned 40-years-young and is looking better than ever.

Girl, you are on a roll and I am here to celebrate all the positive things life throws your way! Way to go, Jessica. Keep inspiring other women.

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