Red Sands, long used by peeps for recreational activities like off - roading, target shooting, bbq's and more, may soon be off limits.

County Commissioner Vincent Perez wants to post "No Trespassing" signs throughout the area citing reasons such as unsafe riding/off - roading, underage drinkers and target shooters too close to homes and businesses. Things currently holding this plan up include:

  • 1) County attorneys need to determine what steps they can legally take.
  • 2) Sheriff's need to confirm that they're able to patrol the area and ticket offenders.
  • 3) Finding the owners of the areas in question to ensure their approval and cooperation isn't easy.

Some want people kept out of these unincorporated areas of the county while others suggest making the Red Sands area a park with designated spots for various activities like riding, shooting, off - roading, picnics, etc. What do you think?