Valentine's Day is quickly creeping up! If you haven't found something for your loved one you're nearly out of time; trust me, you don't want to be at the store the night before getting a crinkled card and some wilted roses. Once you finally do get a card, there's always so much pressure on how to sign it. Do you write "Love"? "Yours truly"? What if you're in the early stages of the relationship? Then what? Well, don't worry because our listeners are here to help you.

We recently asked our listeners on Facebook what they thought would be great El Paso Valentine's Day compliments.


They did not disappoint. If you're still struggling with how to sign your sweetie's card, feel free to use any of these!

  • My love for you will never expire....unlike the warranty on your vehicle that I have been trying to reach you about it
  • My love for you is longer than the line to get a Popeye's chicken sandwich!
  • You light up my life like the Star on the Mountain!
  • I hope our love lasts as long as El Paso construction.
  • I love you more than my flan!
  • You're my favorite chuco!
  • My love runs deep like Asarco lead poisoning.
  • My love for you burns more than the leather in my car with the El Paso heat!
  • How crazy am I for you? El Paso drivers crazy!

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