On top of the low score, the El Paso Veterans Hospital was ranked as "in decline".

An annual Department of Veterans Affairs survey has given El Paso's VA Hospital a score of 1, out of a possible 5. Not only did the El Paso's hospital go two years in a row earning the lowest possible score, it was also ranked as "declining". Going ... basically ... from bad to worse.

According to Stripes.com:

The VA regularly scores 146 of its medical centers based on dozens of quality factors, including death and infection rates, instances of avoidable complications and wait times. The agency uses a five-star scale with one being the worst and five being the best.

Here are the scores and rankings of a few other, nearby VA Hospitals:

  • Amarillo: Score 3/Rank - "Greatly Improved"
  • Big Springs: Score 2/Rank - "Greatly Improved"
  • San Antonio: Score 3/Rank - "Improved"
  • Albuquerque: Score 1/Rank - "Improved".
  • Tucson: Score 2/Rank - "Improved".
  • Phoenix: Score 1/Rank - "Greatly Improved"

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