The store you could go to in El Paso for odd little knick-knacks will soon be closing. Now there is no nice way of finding out whether it is walking into the store like Christine L. and seeing the signs everywhere. Then another way of finding out which was probably like me which was through Facebook on Foodies Of El Paso TX. & Surrounding Areas.

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The World Market on the Eastside of town is going out of business and has marked down prices on all their inventory. When I came across Christine's post on Facebook I began to worry about where I would get my next Clearly Canadian and Tabasco chocolate candy from now.

The World Market was my hook-up for some of my favorite childhood drinks I enjoy sipping from time to time. The store sold those drinks separately or in bulk which I always bought in bulk.

Also, as I mentioned earlier they are the only place I could get my fix for a particular candy. The World Market is where they sold the Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Tin that is tasty and hard to find anywhere in El Paso.

World Market was the place that was stocked with all sorts of drinks you couldn't get anywhere else. I really enjoyed the lemonade bubbly beverages they sold in those tall glass bottles too.

But after coming across the news about the store going out of business must have also had others worry about where to buy their next supply from. So if you need to stock up while you can before they close, be sure to do so stat.

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